The National Parks of Curacao

The National Parks of Curacao; Connected by Nature, Managed by Carmabi

Join us on this captivating journey, where nature’s wonders unfold in Curacao’s pristine National Parks, offering a glimpse into the timeless allure of Curacao’s natural marvels.

Step into a world of enchantment as we immerse ourselves in the untamed beauty of Curacao, embarking on a thrilling expedition to uncover the breathtaking natural wonders of its renowned National Parks. From the majestic peaks of Christoffel National Park to the dramatic inlets of Shete Boka National Park, the enchanting Mangrove Park, and the mysterious depths of Hato Cave, each park offers a unique and awe- inspiring experience.

Traverse scenic trails and encounter diverse flora and fauna in Christoffel National Park, the largest of its kind on the island. Witness the primal forces of nature shaping the coastline in Shete Boka National Park, home to striking geological formations. Explore the labyrinthine mangrove forests and marvel at the marine life in Rif Mangrove Park. Delve into the enigmatic world of Hato Cave, adorned with ancient limestone formations and intriguing legends.


Ascending to the Mountain Top Embark on a challenging hike and climb up and down the awe-inspiring Christoffel Mountain, starting from the visitor’s center. The journey takes approximately three hours from the center or two hours from the mountain’s base. Along the way, marvel at intriguing geological formations, Roi Berú (a dry riverbed), lichens, beard moss, bromeliads, and orchids. Your efforts will be rewarded with spectacular views of the entire island from the mountain top. Please note, the Christoffel Mountain is open for climbing between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Guided Tours for a Memorable Experience While you are welcome to explore the parks on your own -on foot or by car-, first-time visitors will find immense value in joining guided tours. These tours can be reserved and catered to small groups, ensuring a personalized experience and comfort level.

Safari Adventures Hop aboard an open-air land cruiser for a guided safari and immerse yourself in the wonders of the park. Informed park rangers will accompany you, introducing you to the rich wildlife and natural beauty. A minimum of four people is required for this adventure, and reservations are necessary.

Captivating Sunset Tours Indulge in mesmerizing photographs of the wild during the Sunset Tours. Witness the mystique of Christoffel Park at sundown as you explore secluded areas like Seru Bientu and Seru Grasia. Seru Bientu and Seru Grasia boast the unique Sabal palms found only in this part of the park, and you can savor the spectacular panoramic view of the east side along with the sunset.

Encounters with White-Tailed Deer Did you know that there are beautiful white- tailed deer hiding in the park regions? They can be very exclusive but taking a guided tour on foot or by land cruiser is your best chance of seeing them. Curacao white-tailed deer is a local sub-species that has adapted its behavior to the island’s harsh climate in several interesting ways. Experienced guides will take you to the best locations for deer spotting. Along the way, you will enjoy beautiful sceneries and experience the varied flora and fauna of the island.

A Birdwatcher's Paradise Birdwatching enthusiasts will find joy in expanding their "life lists" by sighting rare native barn owls and a diverse range of local and migratory birds that frequent the park. Join a guided birdwatching tour to discover these feathered wonders and other captivating wildlife encounters.

Plan Your Adventure For those eager to experience the wonders of these national parks, book your tours by calling (+5999) 520-1685 or emailing Keep in mind that the parks have an entrance fee, with proceeds dedicated to park conservation. A visit to Savonet Museum is separately ticketed but included in the Christoffel Park price.

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Adjacent to Christoffel Park on the rocky north coast, Shete Boka National Park showcases the untamed power of nature. “Shete Boka” translates to “seven inlets,” and within the park, you will discover four inlets accessible through specially built wooden viewing platforms. Witness the raw force of the water shaping the coastline as you explore Boka Wandomi’s natural bridge, hike to the stunning beach of Boka Kalki, experience the thunderous sound of Boka Pistol, and venture into the renowned Boka Tabla cave.

Parking places are available at all viewpoints, and you can walk to the boka in a few minutes. Especially with the hot and burning Caribbean sun, it can be more comfortable to grab the car between the bokas but this is not necessary. You can also choose to walk from boka to boka, along the marked trails.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Shete Boka National Park was established in 1994 to safeguard crucial nesting areas for sea turtles. These magnificent creatures return to their place of birth to lay eggs, underscoring the importance of protecting the park’s beaches. Throughout the nesting season of sea turtles, running approximately from May to December, researchers from the Carmabi foundation diligently monitor Shete Boka’s beaches, gathering essential data on nesting sea turtle activity. This research plays a vital role in understanding the behavior of these sea turtles in the park.

Discovering Pocket Bays

Within Shete Boka National Park, approximately ten pocket bays provide essential nesting grounds for three sea turtle species: the Hawksbill turtle, the Loggerhead turtle, and the Green turtle. While the largest of the sea turtles, the Leatherback turtle, no longer nests on Curacao, these three species continue to thrive.

A detailed map of the pocket bays is available for purchase at the entrance of the park.

Shete Boka is open from Monday to Sunday: 09:00 AM - 5:00 PM (No entry after 4:00 PM. Please exit the park by 4:30 PM). For information visit



Nestled on the southern coast of Curacao lies the enchanting Curacao Rif Mangrove Park, a natural wonder teeming with biodiversity and ecological significance. This protected mangrove ecosystem stretches across 7.5 hectares and is a sanctuary for a plethora of marine and avian species, including fish, crustaceans, and mollusks.

Coastal Guardians: Vital Mangrove Forests

The park’s mesmerizing network of mangrove forests, consisting of four vital species - Red Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle), White Mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa), Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) - serves as a vital nursery ground for countless marine organisms. The intertwined roots of the mangroves create a complex habitat that offers shelter and protection to juvenile marine life, making it a critical breeding ground for various species.

Aside from being a sanctuary for marine life, the Curacao Rif Mangrove Park also plays a crucial role in protecting the island’s coastline. The dense mangroves act as natural barriers against erosion, safeguarding the shores from the erosive forces of the sea and storm surges, which is particularly significant in the face of climate change.

Guided tours for an Enriching Adventure

Guided walking and kayak tours offer a captivating exploration of this natural wonder. Kayaking through the meandering channels or walking along them, visitors can witness the harmony of nature as they spot colorful fish darting beneath the clear waters and catch a glimpse of majestic birds soaring through the sky. The park’s guided walking and kayak tours provide an opportunity to delve deeper into this fascinating ecosystem, with knowledgeable guides shedding light on the mangroves’ ecological importance and the diverse wildlife that calls it home.

For nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and eco- conscious travelers, the Curacao Rif Mangrove Park offers an unparalleled experience of immersion in one of the Caribbean’s most pristine and delicate ecosystems. It serves as a reminder of the need to protect and preserve these natural treasures for future generations to come.

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Descend into the mystical realm of Hato Cave, an ancient limestone cave system located on the highest terrace of the northern side of Curacao, weaving a tale of the island’s geological past. This captivating cave has been a natural wonder and a source of intrigue for centuries.

Ancient Legacy                    

Stepping into Hato Cave, visitors are immediately enveloped by a sense of wonder and mystery. Formed over thousands of years, stalactites and stalagmites create breathtaking formations that seem to dance with every flicker of light, while the cave’s impressive chambers are adorned with shimmering mineral deposits, evoking a surreal ambiance that sparks the imagination.

Hato Cave is more than just a geological marvel; it holds cultural significance for Curacao’s indigenous people, the Arawak Indians, who are the island’s original inhabitants and left their artwork behind over 1,500 years ago. For tourists and explorers, guided tours offer a chance to unravel the cave’s history, learning about the legends and folklore that surround this subterranean wonder.

The park surrounding Hato Cave invites exploration beyond its natural beauty. Walk the Indian Trail and discover ancient petroglyphs etched into the rocks, estimated to be at least 1500 years old, providing a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Curacao’s early inhabitants.

Nightwing Wonders                    

Beyond its natural beauty, Hato Cave is home to a unique population of nocturnal creatures. During the day, these fascinating creatures roost inside the cave, but as visitors explore its depths, they can witness the spectacular sight of hundreds of bats soaring through the skies in search of food, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold this awe-inspiring phenomenon.

Hato Cave stands as a testament to the captivating allure of Curacao’s geological wonders. It beckons to adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike, offering a journey through time and an opportunity to connect with the island’s geological and cultural legacy. Explore its depths, follow the footsteps of the Arawak Indians, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of this natural and historical treasure.

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CARMABI (Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity) takes on the critical responsibility of preserving and protecting these captivating parks, ensuring they remain cherished natural havens for generations to come.