Explore Curacao's mixed gastronomy

One of the best ways to discover the colorful culture of Curacao is through its cuisine. Just like its population, its gastronomy will surprise you with its diversity and flavors. Whether you are looking for an outstanding fine dining experience near the ocean, wish to mingle with locals while eating the catch of the day, or hope to indulge in a tapas kind of dinner within the upbeat area of the island, you will surely find a restaurant to satisfy all your cravings.

Eat local from east to west
If you are looking to try ‘kryoyo’ food, the typical cuisine of Curacao, it is much easier during day time as it is accustomed to eating heavier for lunch. A popular spot where you can enjoy different typical dishes is the old market located in Punda. There are also many restaurants serving delicious authentic local food that you can visit while heading toward the west side of the island. Get to experience everything from eating a whole fried red snapper next to colorful island chirping birds, devouring a plate of goat stew at a restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the ocean, or enjoying an amazing plate of garlic conch on the terrasse of an old colonial mansion. Every bite will definitely surprise you and convince you to explore even more of the local cuisine. You might even end up trying the very textural okra soup or the finger-licking good Iguana BBQ!

The street food of Willemstad
If you find yourself getting hungry while on the road and don’t wish to go to a table service restaurant, you should know that there are plenty of street food options to choose from in Willemstad. During the day, you will mainly find food trucks serving local pastries like pastechi and Latin American snacks such as arepas and empanadas accompanied by frosty fresh fruit smoothies which we like to call batidos. By night, a whole new world awakens as many more food trucks take position alongside different busy streets of the capital such as Caracasbaaiweg, Santa Rosaweg, and so on. Starting from 9 pm until about 3 am, you will see people lining up in front of the numerous truki’ pan which is a literal translation from the word bread truck. You will get to pick meat of your choice served on bread or with French fries smothered in peanut sauce and chimichurri. It’s definitely everyone’s go-to place after going out.

Enjoying the ocean one bite at the time
During your stay on Curacao, you will probably want to eat somewhere you can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean. If not, you definitely should! There are so many inspiring places to go to, unwind and simply enjoy a delicious meal. You could choose one of the popular restaurants that are located in one of the historical forts in Punda or head over to Mambo Boulevard or Jan Thiel where you will get to savor an inviting meal while feeling the sand in between your toes and listening to live music. If you are traveling with kids, you will appreciate the laid-back terraces located around Caracasbaai, Piscadera, and Boka Sami. These are definitely prime locations to enjoy the sunset and they offer a relaxed environment for you to fully appreciate your gastronomic experience with your loved ones. You could even get the chance to see a fisherman bringing in the catch of the day for the chef to prepare on the spot.

The fine dining experience of Pietermaai
Whether you wish to share dine some tapas courses, encourage a farm-to-table restaurant, or indulge in a refined course meal, you will certainly find something that suits your taste within the district of Pietermaai. You could even savor your meal while looking at some beautiful murals created by local artists! This upbeat neighborhood of Curacao will welcome you with the trendiest must-visit places to eat and have drinks. It is indeed, the perfect place to try tasty cocktails meticulously prepared with homemade syrups as well as locally brewed beers! It is undoubtedly where you would want to go for a nightcap before going back to your accommodation and clocking out for the night.

As you can see, you won’t go hungry or thirsty here on the island of Curacao. There are plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from and so many mouth-watering dining experiences to embellish your vacation even more. Are you feeling hungry yet? We sure are!

Bon Appétit